Family Prayers

Thank you for today

Dear God
Thank you for today
Thank you for the sun and the cold clear nights
Thank you for our families and friends
Thank you for sharing this world with us
We pray for those people who are separated from their families and friends
We pray for those people who have recently arrived in Australia and may be finding it difficult
We pray that we can share this big beautiful country and welcome with our open arms those who arrive here from overseas
We pray that we can share our things with others, just like Mr Gumpy
We look forward to the week ahead

(‘Mr Gumpy’ was a story we read in church about a man with a boat, who took a lot of animal friends on a trip. But they caused all sorts of trouble and the boat capsized. Nonetheless, Mr Gumpy invited them all home for a meal.)

- Hannah & Ebony, 15.5.’11

Stinky chores

When I have to do stinky chores that I don’t want to do;
When I have to turn the TV off while I’m still watching something;
When I have to pack away my toys;
When I have to wake up early for school;
We pray God that you still love us when we have to do all these things. Amen

- Feb 2011

Journeying through Life

You know and we know Lord, that life can be very hard at times.

But even if we do fall down, we always have a choice of
     whether we will get back up and face life again
          or just sulk about that little thing in your way.

What we have to do is get back up, not just lie there and sulk or give up.

Thank you Lord, for helping us make these decisions
     and thank you that you give us people who help us.

Sometimes it is very hard to journey through life.

There always will be some little stumbles on our way.

But let’s trust the Lord and respect him, he will always be there for us. Amen

- Hannah Collins-Woolcock, 18.7.’10

Pentecost Sunday

God, help me to be kind to others:
Where people are hungry, let me feed them
Where people are lonely, let me play with them
Where people are grumpy, let me make them happy
Where people are sick, let me heal them
Where people are cold, let me share my clothes
Where people are scared, let me comfort them. Amen

- Sunday School, 23.5.’10

Dear God,
At this time of year we celebrate and thank you for the year that is nearly finished.
For the fun things, the happy times, the birthdays, the fact that school is finished.
We pray for those who have had a tough year -
     those who have had to deal with hurt, with illness, with the loss of loved ones.
Christmas time is not easy for these people
     and we especially pray that you will be with them
          and that we may support them where we can. Amen

Joseph Colllins-Woolcock, 20.12.’09

Dear God,
It’s good to be here today – to listen and to learn, to pray and be together.
We have lots of things to pray for. Because all of us kids have just had school holidays, we say thanks for fun times, with family and friends, and for the beautiful places in your world we get to see.
But in some parts of the world, it’s not that fun. There are people fighting, or starving or getting hurt or feeling lonely or very sick.
We pray for all of them. Right now, we pray especially for Zahra’s grandma who has cancer.
God, you want to spread your love all over the world. Help us to live a happy life and to keep spreading love around. Amen.

Hannah Collins-Woolcock

Dear God,
Today we especially thank you for fathers all over the world, and the influence they have on us. Without Dads, none of us would be here, to celebrate on this special occasion. We thank you for Dads. We pray for the people who are sick, sad, lonely, scared, poor and for the people who just need your help to stay on track with whatever’s ahead of them n life.

We hope that someday there will be peace all over the planet, no fighting, no wars, and no division. We pray that, whatever we fall upon in life, we may be able to know that the relentlessness of your love will get us through it and help us to get back up again.

We thank you for all Dads around the world today.

We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Joseph Collins-Woolcock

Thank you, God, for everyone’s fun and happy weekend. Sorry, some of us were bad, but we will learn.

Thank you for letting us have lots of friends, family and pets.

Please help lots of people that are sick, to get better. There are a lot of people that are sad, help us to help them.

Help everyone to care and share like you. Amen

Zahra Padmanathan

Dear God,

Lead us not into temptation. Please strengthen us and keep us from sinning or causing sins. Encourage us to encourage others in the same way, even if we risk disappointment or rejection.

Please give us strength to speak up against injustice, even if we are going against the tide. Help us to remember how you spoke up, gave encouragement to the weak and helped sinners turn away from evil and find peace.

As we look around the world, we see a lot of pain caused by greed, pride, jealousy or misunderstanding. Please give strength to our world leaders to correct this imbalance, bring peace and compassion through deep, heartfelt communication and understanding of each other and each other’s needs, and help us to replicate this in our own lives and with people around us. Amen

Cheryl Padmanathan

We pray for people at home or abroad facing challenging or dangerous situations.

We pray for those who are at a crossroads in their lives, facing difficult decisions.

We pray for situations where compromise is needed.

We pray for the future – that we might try hard not to judge others but rather to celebrate all our differences.

We go now in the certain knowledge that you hear all our prayers. Amen

Lee family