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Christian Year B (The Year of Mark)
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18 Nov 2018 Pentecost 26
11 Nov 2018 Pentecost 25 Armistice Day
4 Nov 2018 Pentecost 24
28 Oct 2018 Pentecost 23
21 Oct 2018 Pentecost 22 Powerpoint presentation
14 Oct 2018 Pentecost 21 Powerpoint presentation
7 Oct 2018 Pentecost 20
30 Sep 2018 Pentecost 19
16 Sep 2018 Pentecost 17 Real discipleship
9 Sep 2018 Pentecost 16
2 Sep 2018 Pentecost 15
26 Aug 2018 Pentecost 14
19 Aug 2018 Pentecost 13 The Lord is gracious and full of compassion
12 Aug 2018 Pentecost 12 I am the living bread that came down from heaven
29 Jul 2018 Pentecost 10
22 Jul 2018 Pentecost 9
15 Jul 2018 Pentecost 8
8 Jul 2018 Pentecost 7 Abundant Grace • Liberating Hope
1 Jul 2018 Pentecost 6 One Bread, One Body
24 Jun 2018 Uniting Church 41st anniversary
17 Jun 2018 Pentecost 4
10 Jun 2018 Pentecost 3
3 Jun 2018 Pentecost 2
27 May 2018 Trinity Sunday
20 May 2018 Pentecost
13 May 2018 Easter 7 Mothers Day
6 May 2018 Easter 6 Love always
29 Apr 2018 Easter 5 Staying Connected
22 Apr 2018 Easter 4 StreetWork
1 Apr 2018 Easter Day Easter Day
30 Mar 2018 Good Friday Good Friday
29 Mar 2018 Maundy Thursday Maundy Thursday
25 Mar 2018 Palm Sunday Palm Sunday
18 Mar 2018 Lent 5 Love Crows Nest
11 Mar 2018 Lent 4 God so loved the world
4 Mar 2018 Lent 3 That we may walk in the way of His cross
25 Feb 2018 Lent 2 That we may walk in the way of His cross
18 Feb 2018 Lent 1 Transform your world
11 Feb 2018Transfiguration
4 Feb 2018Epiphany 5Have you not known?
Have you not heard?
28 Jan 2018Epiphany 4What is this? A new teaching – with authority!
21 Jan 2018Epiphany 3The time is fulfilled, and
the kingdom of God has come near
14 Jan 2018Epiphany 2Calling disciples
31 Dec 2017Christmas 1
25 Dec 2017Christmas Day
24 Dec 2017Advent 4
17 Dec 2017Advent 3Lessons and Carols
10 Dec 2017Advent 2
3 Dec 2017Advent 1
Christian Year A (The Year of Matthew)
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26 Nov 2017Christ the King
19 Nov 2017Sunday 33Don't put God under the mattress!
12 Nov 2017Sunday 32Live expectantly
5 Nov 2017Sunday 30All Saints
29 Oct 2017Reformation SundayLuther 500!
15 Oct 2017Sunday 28Feasting the Kingdom
8 Oct 2017Sunday 27Life lines
1 Oct 2017Sunday 26By what authority?
24 Sep 2017Sunday 25Lives worthy of the gospel
17 Sep 2017Sunday 24Forgiveness
3 Sep 2017Sunday 22Criss-crossing Life
27 Aug 2017Sunday 21BeLonging
20 Aug 2017Sunday 20A change of mind
13 Aug 2017Sunday 19Rising waters
6 Aug 2017Sunday 18Taking new directions
30 Jul 2017Sunday 17The kingdom of God is like...
23 Jul 2017Sunday 16Wheat and weeds
16 Jul 2017Sunday 15A sower went out to sow
9 Jul 2017Sunday 14Come to me... and I will give you rest
2 Jul 2017Sunday 13Even a cup of cold water
25 Jun 2017
Uniting Church
in Australia
40th anniversary
18 Jun 2017Sunday 11Hospitality
11 Jun 2017TrinityTrinity Sunday
4 Jun 2017PentecostPentecost
28 May 2017Easter 7Ascension
21 May 2017Easter 6God: 'in whom we live and move and have our being'
14 May 2017Easter 5Mothers Day
7 May 2017Easter 4Good Shepherd Sunday
30 Apr 2017Easter 3The road to Emmaus
23 Apr 2017Easter 2ANZAC Day Reflections
16 Apr 2017Easter DayChrist is risen!
14 Apr 2017Good Fridayincludes The Reproaches: A Litany for Good Friday
9 Apr 2017Palm Sunday
2 Apr 2017Lent 5Living Lent: Resurrection and Life
26 Mar 2017Lent 4Living Lent: New Vision
19 Mar 2017Lent 3Living Lent: Living water
12 Mar 2017Lent 2Living Lent: God so loved the world
5 Mar 2017Lent 1Living Lent: Choosing the Way
26 Feb 2017TransfigurationTransfiguration of Jesus
19 Feb 2017Epiphany 7Love neighbours and enemies
12 Feb 2017Epiphany 6Choose life!
5 Feb 2017Epiphany 5Salt, yeast, light
29 Jan 2017Epiphany 4The Sermon on the Mount
22 Jan 2017Epiphany 3Celebrating baptsim
15 Jan 2017Epiphany 2Behold! The Lamb of God
8 Jan 2017Baptism of Jesus
1 Jan 2017Christmas 1Christmas Shadow/New Year Light
25 Dec 2016Christmas DayThe Word became flesh
18 Dec 2016Advent 4Readings and Carols
11 Dec 2016Advent 3Christmas (W)rap
4 Dec 2016Advent 2'Prepare the way of the Lord'
27 Nov 2016Advent 1An Advent baptism
Christian Year C (The Year of Luke)
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20 Nov 2016Reign of Christ"Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom"
13 Nov 2016Sunday 33New heavens and a new earth
6 Nov 2016Sunday 32God of the living
30 Oct 2016Sunday 31The Son of Man came to seek out and to save the lost
23 Oct 2016Sunday 30Celebrating baptism
16 Oct 2016Sunday 29A new covenant: written on the heart
9 Oct 2016Sunday 28'Seek the welfare of the city... pray to the Lord on its behalf'
2 Oct 2016Sunday 27World Communion Sunday
25 Sep 2016Sunday 26Called to pursue justice and holiness
18 Sep 2016Sunday 25Blessed are the peacemakers
for they shall be called children of God
11 Sep 2016Sunday 24May the feet of God walk with you
4 Sep 2016Sunday 23Fathers' Day
28 Aug 2016Sunday 22Humility and Hospitality
21 Aug 2016Sunday 21Sabbath healing
14 Aug 2016Sunday 20I came to bring fire to the earth...
7 Aug 2016Sunday 19Where your treasure is there will your heart be also
31 Jul 2016Sunday 18Build a longer table, not a higher fence
24 Jul 2016Sunday 17Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.
17 Jul 2016Sunday 16Only one thing is nesessary
10 Jul 2016Sunday 15
3 Jul 2016Sunday 14... a new creation is everything
26 Jun 2016Sunday 13Nowhere to lay his head
19 Jun 2016Sunday 12Happy 39th birthday Uniting Church
12 Jun 2016Sunday 11Gifts of Grace and Forgiveness
5 Jun 2016Sunday 10Procession to Parade
29 May 2016Sunday 9The Centurion's faith
22 May 2016TrinityThe rhythm of the Trinity
15 May 2016PentecostThe promised gift
8 May 2016Easter 7Stewardship of life
1 May 2016Easter 6Celebrating baptism
24 Apr 2016Easter 5Love one another as I have loved you
17 Apr 2016Easter 4Good Shepherd
10 Apr 2016Easter 3Damascus Road
3 Apr 2016Easter 2The substance of faith
27 Mar 2016Easter DayChrist is risen!
25 Mar 2016Good Friday
20 Mar 2016Palm SundayLent Event
13 Mar 2016Lent 5Loved
6 Mar 2016Lent 4Prodigals
28 Feb 2016Lent 3Repentance
21 Feb 2016Lent 2Jerusalem
14 Feb 2016Lent 1Temptations
7 Feb 2016Transfiguration
31 Jan 2016Epiphany 4Love one another and you will be happy
24 Jan 2016Epiphany 3Proclaim the year of the Lord's favour
17 Jan 2016Epiphany 2A Wedding
10 Jan 2016Baptism of Jesus
3 Jan 2016Christmas 2Almost Epiphany
27 Dec 2015Christmas 1Jesus student/teacher
25 Dec 2015 Christmas DayGood news! Great joy!
20 Dec 2015 Advent 4A New Christmas Carol
13 Dec 2015 Advent 3Do you want to see the baby?
6 Dec 2015 Advent 2 Prepare the way of the Lord
29 Nov 2015 Advent 1 Advent
Christian Year B (The Year of Mark)
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22 Nov 2015Reign of ChristThe Reign of Christ
15 Nov 2015 Sunday 33 Celebrating baptism
8 Nov 2015Sunday 32 The gospel according to Ruth
1 Nov 2015Sunday 31Love God, Love your neighbour
25 Oct 2015Sunday 30Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me!
18 Oct 2015Sunday 29 Celebrating baptism
11 Oct 2015Sunday 28What must I do to inherit eternal life?
4 Oct 2015Sunday 27People of the way
27 Sep 2015Sunday 26God is with us
20 Sep 2015Sunday 25Goodness and wisdom
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