• A Congregation, as the embodiment in one place of the one holy catholic and apostolic church, shall be those members and adherents who worship, witness and serve as a fellowship of the Spirit in Christ, and who meet regularly to hear God’s Word, to celebrate the sacraments, to build one another up in love, to share the wider responsibilities of the Church, and to serve the world, and who are recognised as a Congregation by the Presbytery.
  • In fulfilling its purpose a Congregation shall:
    • bear witness to that unity that is both Christ’s gift and his will;
    • build up the members and adherents in faith and love;
    • sustain the members and adherents in hope;
    • nurture the members and adherents in their growth in grace;
    • equip the members and adherents for engagement in worship,
    • witness and service in the world as they participate in the mission of Christ;
    • discipline its members in love;
    • maintain pastoral oversight;
    • encourage each member and adherent to participate in the life of the Congregation and endeavour to provide opportunity for that participation; and
    • provide means whereby the members and adherents may be sustained in fellowship, in prayer and in confession, in baptism and in the Lord’s Supper, in mutual reception of and mutual exertion in the Gospel proclamation and service.
  • The responsibilities of a Congregation include:
    • participating in shared responsibilities with any related Congregations;
    • fulfilling the ministry of the Church in and to the community;
    • appointing Elders and other members of the Church Council, and members of other bodies, as required;
    • appointing member(s) to the Presbytery;
    • making arrangements to call a Minister in accordance with the Regulations;
    • providing facilities and resources in support of the work of the Congregation, including stipends and allowances and other provisions for the support of the ministry, provided that stipends shall be the first charge on the funds of the Congregation;
    • meeting as required to transact business that belongs to the Congregation;
    • advising the Church Council on property matters affecting the Congregation;
    • maintaining all necessary and appropriate relationships with the Presbytery and other councils and bodies;
    • such other things as are consistent with the purposes of the Church and not the specific responsibility of any other council or body within the Church.


3.5.1 Participation in the meeting of the Congregation

  • The following persons shall be entitled to participate in the decision phase at meetings of the Congregation, (referred to in this Regulation as voting members):
    • all Ministers, Pastors, Youth Workers and Lay Pastors who hold membership in the Congregation;
    • all other confirmed members of the Congregation;
    • all members-in-association with the Congregation;
    • all Ministers, Pastors, Youth Workers and Lay Pastors serving in approved placements in the Congregation. Adherents and members not yet confirmed may participate in discussion but not in the determination of any item of business at the meetings.

    Chairperson and Secretary

  • The meeting of a Congregation shall appoint a chairperson and a secretary. They shall hold office for periods determined by the Congregation. If the elected chairperson or secretary is not present at a meeting, the Congregation may appoint another of its members to act as chairperson or secretary.

    General meetings

    • General meetings of the Congregation shall be held at least twice in each year and shall be convened by the chairperson and secretary or, if there is a vacancy in one of those positions, by the remaining officer;
    • At least once each year at a meeting of the Congregation financial reports shall be presented and policies, plans, budgets, appointments and other matters within the responsibility of the Congregation shall be determined.

    Special Meetings

    • The chairperson and secretary of the Congregation may convene a special meeting, due notice being given, and shall do so if requested in writing by at least seven members eligible to vote or a number representing at least 10% of the members eligible to vote, whichever is the greater, of the Congregation. A special meeting shall deal only with matters specified in the notice of meeting.
    • If, in the opinion of the Pastoral Relations Committee of the Presbytery, circumstances warrant, the chairperson of the Presbytery or the chairperson’s nominee may convene a general or special meeting of the Congregation.

    Notice of Meetings

  • Due notice of all meetings shall be given at least one week prior to the date of the meeting, either by public announcement at a time of public worship or by such other means as the Congregation may determine.