Crows Nest Uniting Church

The Ministry of Welcoming



What needs to be done…

  1. Arrive 30 minutes before the worship service begins.

  2. Turn lights on (top switch inside front porch, 2 banks of switches at the back of the church, and one on the right wall nr the front, as well as toilet lights and three switches opposite stairs.)

  3. Open windows, switch fans or heaters on, according to the weather and season.[Michael very kindly comes over to the church early, opens the front door, turns on the lights and heaters, if he is away you will need to ensure that this happens.]

  4. Make sure the hymn/song numbers are on the hymn board and that the offertory plates are on the communion table. (They are sometimes to be found in the vestry cupboard.)

  5. Put a glass of fresh water on the communion table and refill flasks on the table in the front porch
  6. Insert copies of the Order of Service, the Notices and any other sheets into the hymn book, Together in Song (TiS), and place these on the table ready to hand out.

  7. Warmly greet worshippers. (If they are newcomers, please give them a ‘Spirited Community’ leaflet, which are found in the display cabinet with the hymn books.)

  8. NB: After worship begins shut the church front door, which exits to the ramp, and shut, but don’t bolt, the double doors leading into the porch from the cloisters. (This stops any young children inadvertently getting out of the church during Kids Alive.)

  9. • Take up the offering at the appropriate time during the service and then proceed to the communion table for the offertory prayer

  10. • After the service gather the hymn books and stack them back in the cabinet in the front porch. Tidy up the leftover notices etc and leave them on the table for recycling. Check the pews for any remaining books. Return name tags to the rack in the front porch. Close windows, turn off lights, fans or heaters.

  11. Please arrange a swap if you can’t come on your rostered day.

Many thanks for offering your gifts in this ministry!
Your contribution and time is appreciated.

Revised 7 August 2019