Crows Nest Uniting Church

Morning Tea/Coffee Volunteer

Morning tea volunteers have a great opportunity to meet and greet members of the congregation and those visiting following the Sunday service.

You will need to be at the church about 9.30 a.m. to set up.

  1. Milk and biscuits are supplied each week by Barbara Henderson and will be left in the tea room.
  2. If the cupboard in the morning tea area is locked, ask for the key and you will be shown where it is kept.
  3. All the items you will need are in the locked cupboard, except for the tea pot which is to be found under the sink, tea towels are to be found in the drawers.
  4. Take the 2 coffee urns from the cupboard and fill with COLD water through the slot at the top, use the glass coffee jug to measure the water.
  5. Fill the coffee urns with COLD water using the glass coffee pots to measure the water.
  6. Fill the coffee filter (cavity) with 5 heaped scoops of filtered coffee grains.
  7. Fill the two jugs ready to boil the water for tea making.
  8. Put around 20-25 mugs out on the serving table ready to use.
  9. Put a tablecloth on the small central table, place sugar, dish for biscuits, jug for milk, teaspoons and paper napkins on this table. On the last Sunday of each month a birthday cake will be provided.
  10. Once initial morning tea preparations are completed proceed into the church for the morning service.
  11. During the offertory turn on the 2 coffee makers and the 2 jugs (then return for remainder of the service).
  12. At the completion of the service quickly go to the morning tea room make the tea, put out the milk and biscuits. The coffee should be ready to pour.
  13. Fill the sink with hot soapy water, boil up an additional jug for hot water. This will enable people to wash up their own cup.
  14. When everyone has finished morning tea wash the coffee jugs (including the part that holds the ground coffee), wash the milk jug, teaspoons and sugar bowl, empty the tea pot and rinse.
  15. Wipe down all surfaces and ensure that everything is put away and the room is tidy.
  16. Lock the cupboard and put away the key
  17. Empty the rubbish bin and place in the garbage bin near the pre-school entry gate. Put a fresh liner in the kitchen tidy.
  18. Please take tea towels home and wash them if possible otherwise hang at the bottom of the noticeboard to dry.
  19. In an emergency there is instant coffee and long life milk available.

revised 7 August 2019