Crows Nest Uniting Church

Morning Tea/Coffee Volunteer

Morning tea volunteers have a great opportunity to meet and greet CNUC congregation in the back room on Sunday mornings.

  1. Aim to be at church around 9.30am to set up.
  2. Milk and biscuits are supplied each week by Barbara Henderson and will be in the tearoom.
  3. If the cupboard is locked, ask for the key and you will be shown where it is kept.
  4. All the items for morning tea are in the cupboards, except for the teapot which is under the sink and tea towels which are in the drawers.
  5. Put the 2 coffee urns from the cupboard on the table and fill the coffee cavity with 5 heaped scoops of filter coffee.
  6. Fill the coffee urns with COLD water using the glass coffee pots to measure the water.
  7. Fill the 2 water jugs and turn on to boil to save some time later.
  8. Put around 20-25 mugs out on the serving table ready to use.
  9. Fill the teapot with hot water from the tap to warm and have 5 tea bags ready.
  10. Cover the central table with a cloth from the cupboard. Put sugar in a bowl from the container and put on central table along with teaspoons, dishes for biscuits, milk jug, paper napkins and tray for name tags.
  11. Attend the service and enjoy
  12. During the offertory, turn on the 2 water jugs and 2 coffee makers - at the wall and the first button on the left. You can return for the end of the service.
  13. At the end of the service, make the tea and put the biscuits and milk out. The coffee should be ready to pour.
  14. Fill the sink with hot soapy water and place 2 tea towels from the drawer on the sink/table so that people can wash up their own mugs.
  15. When everyone has finished, volunteers throw the coffee grinds into the bin, wash the coffee pots (including the parts that hold the coffee grinds), the teapot, milk jug, teaspoons and sugar bowl – and any cups that have not been washed.
  16. Wipe down all surfaces and ensure that everything is put away and the room is tidy.
  17. Lock the cupboard and put away the key.
  18. Empty the rubbish bin and place in the garbage bin near the pre-school entry gate. Put fresh liner from drawer into the bin.
  19. Take tea towels home and wash if possible. If not, hang at the bottom of the noticeboard to dry.
  20. Problems?? There is instant coffee and long life milk and lots of helpful people who have done it before.

Many thanks for offering your gifts in this ministry!
Your contribution and time is appreciated.

revised Margaret Miller July 2014